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Terms and Conditions

The Business Enterprise Centre NT (BECNT) provides support and advice for businesses across the NT to both new start and existing businesses.

The BECNT may need to collect information about you to:

  • Support you into business and/or to support you to make business changes or improvements.
  • Evaluate the best support for your business.
  • Enable us to report on the progress of the BECNT support to those that support us.

The BECNT will treat your information respectfully, confidentially and securely. Your information may be shared with other BECNT staff. We will not share your detailed business ideas and plans outside of BECNT unless you consent to us doing so. However, in consideration of the assistance provided by BECNT, you consent to BECNT sharing your information with the following organisations or in the following circumstances:

Department of Trade Business & Innovation (DTBI) and Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) – The BECNT has strategic relationships with Government and its Departments and as such at times is required to share information. Your information is only accessible by BECNT staff and authorised Government Staff.  This may include participation in Government evaluation surveys of the BECNT. If you are invited to participate in an evaluation survey, your participation will be at your own discretion.  The BECNT understands that the Government will ensure that your contact details and the information provided is kept private and confidential, both in analysis and reporting

Independent Consultants and Program partners – The BECNT may refer you to independent business consultants and program partners. In case of referral The BECNT will share only relevant details with the Consultant or Program Partner so they are able to best assist you with your business.

Analytical Information – The BECNT may need to evaluate the economic and social value created by our clients and their businesses and as such may use external organisations or individuals to assist with this evaluation. The BECNT will ensure that any private or confidential information provided for this purpose is protected, both in analysis and reporting;

Sharing Your Story – With your agreement and cooperation, BECNT may share your story, on our website, in social media, in newsletters and promotional materials, reports and events. Your story may include digital images and/or video. BECNT may share your story with other organisations that support or may support BECNT to be used in the same manner. BECNT will not use private and/or confidential information in these stories without your written permission. BECNT retains the copyright of material produced. If you withdraw your permission then the BECNT will not use your story in the future and will make reasonable efforts to remove or amend existing materials.


Client Consent: 

I consent to the above.

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • The BECNT offers business development support and advice but not business financial advice;
  • I make my own personal and business decisions; and
  • I am fully and solely responsible for the personal and business decisions that I make and the consequences of the decisions.

I release the BECNT, its related bodies corporates, directors, employees, business partners, sponsors, agents, associates, assignees, volunteers and participating mentors (collectively BECNT entities) from liability for any loss, debt, damage, claim, liability, proceeding or cause of action which may arise out of or in connection with my dealings with the BECNT Entities and agree to indemnify the BECNT Entities of the same.



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