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End of the Financial Year


Whether you lodge your own tax return or you use a registered tax agent, it’s a good idea to prepare for tax time by:

You can refer to the new fact sheets to help you to understand common small business expenses:

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Top tax time tips for small businesses

  1. Report all of the income you make through your business in your tax return, whether you receive the money in person or electronically.
  2. To claim deductions for the costs of running your business, the money must have been spent for your business – not a private expense. If the expense was partly for private use, only claim the portion related to your business.

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  1. Take advantage of the concessions that may apply to your small business, such as the instant asset write‑off. Find out more at
  2. Don’t forget to keep records to prove what you report and claim in your tax return.  Good record keeping should underpin everything you do for your small business – it can make it run smoother and point out any issues before they become problems.


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