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Paul Twomey - Darwin Nutrition & Dietetics Clinic

Paul Twomey - Darwin Nutrition & Dietetics Centre, Palmerston

Hello, my name is Paul. I’m a Dietitian, qualified Personal Trainer and Business Owner of Darwin Nutrition & Dietetics Clinic.

I pursued a career in dietetics due to my love of food and nutrition and passion for assisting others to achieve their full potential for health, happiness, and comfort. I’m a strong believer in ‘everything in moderation’ and believe life’s too short without the occasional chocolate or camembert!  

I was initially referred to the Business Enterprise Centre in the early stages of my business planning. At this point, I was able to receive invaluable support, mentoring and opportunities to allow me the best possible start to my business. The staff are extremely helpful and offer a variety of services to assist all stages of a business venture. In particular, I am very grateful for their assistance with designing my website and to digitally market my business.

Candice Liddy - Totem Health

Candice Liddy - Totem Health

Candice is an Indigenous woman from Darwin she is a qualified Physiotherapist and is keen to establish her own practice, Totem Health, with a focus on providing service for Indigenous people in the Northern Territory, Candice currently has some work coming in through the NDIS, and she has a strong belief and desire to helping Indigenous people live healthier lives.

"The advice and support we received through BEC has been invaluable. Starting a business can be a lonely and challenging experience, so it was a relief to have the opportunity to problem solve with BEC advisors and receive assistance from people who understand the sector."

Barrie Martin - Shine Shine Cleaning Services, Katherine

Barrie Martin - Shine Shine Cleaning Services, Katherine

A local Katherine business commenced operation about twelve months ago and is owned & managed by Barrie Martin, a Katherine-born local boy.

Barrie and his partner Anlin have steadily grown the business from cleaning private homes to submitting tenders for larger commercial contracts in the Katherine region & has won a contract for cleaning at the Katherine High School. Barrie has also now included yard cleans as an additional service for their clients.

Barrie also attended the Introduction to small business workshop conducted by the BECNT in Katherine and said it was a great help in the early days of starting his business.

Shine  Shine Cleaning now employs 6 to 8 casual staff and Barrie is looking at expanding the business further into regional areas of the Top End.

The BECNT has been working with Barrie to grow the business and also how to manage the business as it gets bigger, through this assistance Barrie received an ABDP grant from the NT Department of Trade Business & Innovation to purchase a trailer for mowers and cleaning gear.

Great to see a local Katherine business going ahead.

Dante St James - Clickstarter

Dante St James - Clickstarter, Darwin

It's one thing knowing how to assist small businesses to get new customers. but it's another thing working out how to manage the finances of your own small business as it grows rapidly.

The Business Enterprise Centre NT was able to help me idenitfy the areas of Clickstarter that needed attention and connected me with a consultant in the area where I needed the most immediate help, who was able to show me how to bring my financial situation under control so that I would be better able to manage the runaway growth of my business, while giving me strategies to better provide for the areas of my business that would provide the best path to sustainability.

This meant that I was able to, eventually, hand off my bookkeeping to someone who is far better at it than me, and concentrate my efforts at providing the kinds of services that the market was demanding and then making sure I had what I needed in place to deliver on my promises to my customers.

Dante St James - Clickstarter

Sam Weston - Colquhoun’s Coffee, Darwin

I left a high paying job as a chef to start my own business and didn’t realise how tough it was going to be. Over the traditional quiet season we have here in Darwin, I thought I would have to close my doors and stop my passion to have my own successful business.  

That all changed when I sought the services of an advisor at the BEC. Wow! It changed my life and my business. Everything turned around and I even opened a second business. These services not only saved my business but they helped me grow. Thank You BEC.



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